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Google Adds Postini Security Products

Febbraio 5, 2008Nat0 Comments

Google has just announced that they’ve added some new security products to their Google Apps offerings for message filtering, encryption and archiving
that will work with any mail system – which they say includes Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and Novell Groupwise.

Google Apps was already using technology developed by Postini, who Google acquired in July last year, to enhance the Gmail service in Google Apps Premier Edition accounts.

Customers can now sign up online for the following new products:

  • Google Message Filtering – for spam, virus and malware filtering: $3 per user per year
  • Google Message Security – for enhanced virus detection, outbound processing, and content policy management: $12 per user per year
  • Google Message Discovery – for message data archiving, retention and discovery: $25 per user per year for one year of archived data (with additional years of data retention available separately)

You can read more about these new products at or watch this YouTube video to hear what their customers have to say about Google Message Security.

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