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Featured Freeware – Google Search Application

Febbraio 22, 2008Nat0 Comments

Google Search Application is the third S60 application from Google. The previous two applications were Google Maps and GMail. What does Google Search App do? It adds a shortcut, i.e. Pencil key (a.k.a. Edit key) on your idle screen. When you press the shortcut, it launches a window where you can do search using Google.

Google Search App Google Search App Google Search App

Point your Web browser to to download Google Search App

(or use Bar Code application and scan the code below)

Link to Google Mobile

The only problem with this application is that it supports Pencil key only as shortcut. Many S60 devices nowadays don’t have this key any more. I’ll discuss more on how to use Google Search without Pencil key in the next posting.

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