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What it does is a site that helps connect job seekers with startup companies. helps both job seekers and startup companies find what they are looking. If you are a startup company you can create a profile that lists your: website, funding, annual revenue, employees, locations, job openings, along with photos and other information. The startups companies are placed on a google map for job seekers to find. helps you find the right people for your company which is very important for a startups success. You can post jobs on the job board for the job seekers to find. Job seekers can search for jobs by searching for keywords or by location. Finding a job is difficult to begin with but finding a job that fits you is even harder.’s goal is to connect job seekers with startups that fit them. The profiles are very useful for job seekers, they can see exactly what the companies’ atmosphere is like. helps connect job seekers and startups connect by giving them a place to post their information.

In their own words

“why jowba

Because talent + fit is what we’re all about. We give job seekers the power to compare apples to…well, oranges, and companies the ability to share both their vision and the reality of startup life.”

Why it might be a killer has a very attractive interface. The site is easy to navigate and gives users a good idea of exactly what the site wants to do. helps both jobseekers and startups alike. It is great that it is free to post jobs, usually there is a fee to post jobs on a site. really focuses on giving job seekers information on the startups so they can make the right decision for their future.

Some questions

At the moment there are only 14 jobs and 13 startups posted on Hopefully more startups will join and post. A forum or blog would be a great way for users to talk about the startups and the site. It would be great if users could post comments on the startups.


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