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Maggio 24, 2008Nat0 Comments

What it does

SiteScan is a free Google Analytics Diagnostics tool that provides users a complete analysis of their Google Analytics setup. This tool creates reports for users with information on whether their Google Analytics are configured correctly on their websites. With this service, users can scan up to five websites, with up to 15,000 pages per site. Should they choose, users may purchase the SiteScan Premium, which offers unlimited sites to scan, up to 30,000 pages per site, and additional benefits, such as advanced configuration tools, same-day priority support, and access to the priority queue.

In their own words

“SiteScan is designed to help you configure Google Analytics, whether using the older urchin.js code or if you recently upgraded to the new ga.js tracking code. This diagnostic tool scans for several common configuration pitfalls and organizes the results in an easy to read CSV file. SiteScan identifies pages on your website that have GA tracking code properly and improperly installed. For pages with improperly installed tracking code, the associated error is noted and described in the report. This makes it easy for you to isolate the pages with tracking problems, fix them, and effectively manage your Google Analytics installation.”

Why it might be a killer

SiteScan is a simple and useful tool. The turnaround time for the service is very fast, and numerous sites can be scanned simultaneously. The tiered packages system also provides options for users.

Some questions

Do any additional limitations may exist? What resources can be posted on the site to help explain the process? Could a search field help to organize the potential issues and resolutions that users may encounter?


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