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Red Hat, AMD Migrate VMs Across CPUs Between Different Vendors

Novembre 9, 2008Nat0 Comments

Red Hat and AMD have just done the so-called impossible, and demonstrated VM live migration across CPU architectures. Not only that, they have demonstrated it across CPU vendors. “If you look at the video here, you will see that they did it. Live migration while streaming HD video isn’t all that bad a trick mind you, but doing it between a Barcelona, Shanghai and Intel box is. 36 more of these, and we will be in great shape.” Only a few months ago during VMworld, Intel and VMware claimed that this was impossible. Looking at the initial reaction, VMware is quite irked by this accomplishment by Red Hat using KVM technology and they are pointing to stability concerns. Red Hat has been a heavy contributor to KVM and acquired Qumranet, the original developers of KVM a while back.