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TAAS Company Presents New Orbital Space Plane

Dicembre 6, 2008Nat0 Comments

RobGoldsmith writes “The TAAS Company have released details on their new Orbital Space Plane. The new design has many attributes to set it apart from its rivals. One highlight is the integrated Safety System; this is where an escape vehicle can eject from the main body of the craft then fly home safely. They claim: ‘With the system’s performance capability, economical first stage tow and independence from ground launch facilities, it can offer the lowest price. It also offers the safest flight.’ Could this spaceship rival Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo?” Reader wooferhound points out related news from XCOR Aerospace (which we’ve discussed previously), that they’re beginning to take orders for seats on their own suborbital flights, with test runs planned for 2010. Seats will be going for around $95,000 each, less than half the cost of the first tickets for SpaceShipTwo.

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