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Open Source Ajax Push Engine: APE

Maggio 13, 2009Nat0 Comments

APEAPE (Ajax Push Engine) is an open source solution which is designed to push real-time data with only JavaScript on the client side.

The core of APE is an epoll-driven HTTP server, entirely written in C, which provides patterns such as XHR long-polling (cross browser), forever frame and many more.

The other part of APE is the Javascript Framework based on MooTools which deals with the APE protocol. On the other hand, users can decide what Javascript framework they want to develop with.

Ajax Push Engine

APE only uses web standards, no plugins are needed to be installed on the browsers & it works with all browsers.

It is possible to create various multi-user applications with APE as it can broadcast to hundreds of users with ease.

With a module support (currently with C but PHP support is on the way) the application can be extended & customized more.

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