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Mike Hommey: Announcing vmfs-tools version 0.1.0

Maggio 24, 2009Nat0 Comments

Apart from having been on vacation under the sun, I’ve been busy working with a friend of mine on something we called vmfs-tools, which is partly why there is still no part 2 to the previous post.

In case you don’t know, VMFS is a clustered filesystem designed to store virtual machine disks for VMware ESX or ESXi Server hosts. Our ultimate goal is to give read-write access to these filesystems from some other host, for maintenance tasks such as, e.g. backup.

Files within the VMFS file systems can be accessed either from a CLI tool, or through a FUSE filesystem.

For the moment, only read support is available, and some known issues are still to be fixed, as well as a revamp of a part of the internal API.

The (quite sparse) homepage for this project is hosted here.

A Debian package is also sitting in NEW.