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Ben Stiller Demos Twitter For Mickey Rooney [VIDEO]Mashable!

Agosto 21, 2009Nat0 Comments

ben stiller twitterEarlier this month, Ben Stiller made his social media debut with a hilarious video post to Facebook and Twitter. Now, he’s back with a new video, an attempt to explain Twitter to 88-year-old comedic actor Mickey Rooney.

The results, not surprisingly, are amusing, with Rooney telling Stiller that tweets “aren’t wholesome” and Stiller advising that “only children that are supervised” should use Twitter. Check it out below:

Since our last post, Stiller has become a fairly active user of both Facebook, where he already has more than 1.1 million fans, and Twitter, where he has around 100,000 followers so far. Stiller’s production company, Red Hour Productions, also has a YouTube channel where you can keep up with his latest videos.

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