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VMworld 2009: Best Practices for Multipathing in VI3.5 and vSphere (TA2467)

Settembre 6, 2009Nat0 Comments

This super-session was presented by myself – another packed session.  This has been a popular topic at the last two VMworlds – I try REALLY hard to keep this session and topic as non-EMC specific and as multi-vendor as possible.  (IMHO, it’s not the time/place for too much EMC-specific – that’s for the supersessions and EMC World :-)

The topics covered included storage connectivity and multipathing design best practices across protocols, vendors, and VI3.5 and vSphere.   Topics discussed where:

  • the things that have changed in vSphere’s iSCSI initiator, the do’s and don’ts to achieve high throughput.  
  • the current CLARiiON iSCSI design consideration to workaround the multiple login issue with iSCSI initiators I discussed here.
  • details on the Pluggable Storage Architecture in vSphere, how it works, how to configure SATPs, PSPs via the CLI
  • details on how NMP round robin works, and considerations
  • Third party PSA modules – EMC’s PowerPath/VE, and the Dell/EqualLogic
  • NFS considerations and best practices

Hope you find it useful!!!!

You can download it in PDF format