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QUERY Function for Google Spreadsheets

Settembre 11, 2009Nat0 Comments

André “Ahab” sent in this news bit (URLs shortened):

Google Docs added a new powerful function to its spreadsheets: the QUERY function. This function allows SQL-like queries using the Qviz Gviz syntax (albeit a bit limited version: only directly referenced ranges can be used and column IDs always have to be column letters). Think of QUERY as a next version of the already very powerful Google Docs specific FILTER function.

If you wished Google Docs spreadsheets should be a bit more accessible like a database, this function is a wish come true. It does not turn your spreadsheet into a full database – you can’t use SQL like inserts, updates and deletes – but as a way to pull data fom one’s sheet of data QUERY is unsurpassed because of its build-in versatility.

Look for the post of Google Docs Guide Christine at [September] 8, 2009 and following posts.

See also the Google Docs spreadsheet help on the Query function:… and the [related] information on the Qviz Gviz Query Language syntax as used by the QUERY function:…

[Thanks Ahab!]

[By Philipp Lenssen | Origin: QUERY Function for Google Spreadsheets | Comments]

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