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Client Virtualization with NeoSphere’s Neocleus

Novembre 8, 2009Nat0 Comments

Run a Secure Corporate Environment on Any PC At NeoSphere’s core is Neocleus’ second generation pioneering client virtualization technology; a Type 1 hypervisor that runs directly on the bare metal of the client hardware.  Leveraging the hypervisor, virtual machinesare distributed to PCs where they execute locally in isolated VMs.  Isolation of VMs provides a robust and secure client computing environment and ensures problems that surface in one VM (such as a virus attack or an OS failure) cannot bleed into the other VMs on that computer.

Expand VDI to All Desktop and Laptop Users For end users, NeoSphere turns a single laptop or desktop into a multi OS machine. Users can seamlessly move between environments without any degradation in performance or user experience. For instance, if a user has a touch screen monitor on their physical machine, it will operate with native performance within NeoSphere. In addition, NeoSphere delivers the broadest client hardware support in the industry. As a result, IT addresses end user needs with greater ease.