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Google Wave (Labs) available for Google Apps

Maggio 19, 2010Nat0 Comments

Google Wave is a new web application designed to make groups of people more productive when communicating and working together. In Google Wave, everything takes place in flexible, hosted conversations known as waves. Waves are shared spaces on the web that update live as you type and support rich media and real-time gadgets.
Today, Google Apps admins can give their users access to the Google Wave preview through Apps. Domain administrators can turn Google Wave through the control panel and users can sign in at[].

Editions included:
Standard, Premier and Education Editions

Languages included:
US English (Next generation control panel)

How to access what’s new:
Administrators can enable Google Wave for your domain from the administrator control panel by clicking on ‘Add more services’.

To enable the preview of Google Wave:
1) Click “Add it now”
2) Confirm that you would like to enable Google Wave
3) Visit the ‘Settings’ tab to specify domain access controls and email notification defaults
4) Sign in to Google Wave at

Note: In ‘Domain Settings’, make sure that the checkbox ‘Enable pre-release features’ is also enabled. Google Wave for Google Apps is currently a Labs service and is not supported by the Google Apps Support team.

For more information:
Help Centre:

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